Living Off the Grid – 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Self-Sufficient

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5. Wood-Burning Stove

Start with one, master how it works and then you can confidently add more to other rooms of the house. If you can secure a regular supply of wood that you can dry out yourself, then you could practically zero your heating costs and rely solely on stoves to heat your home. Modern stoves are safe, efficient and you can regulate temperature and air intake with ease. If you’re thinking about this option, remember you will need to maintain a clean chimney.

6. Rain Barrel

Rain is a renewable resource that most of us don’t make use of. Rain water can easily be collected in rain barrels or even linked to your home’s guttering system. Although it cannot be used as drinking or cooking water, it can be used to flush toilets, water plants and to keep your water costs down.

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