Living Off the Grid – 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Self-Sufficient

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Whether you’re concerned about global politics, the threat of terrorism or the increasingly erratic weather, the desire to become more self-sufficient and off the grid is quickly catching on. What used to be the preserve of a few survivalist fanatics is now becoming an attractive solution to many people, even if it’s just about reducing your energy bills each month. Here are some ways in which you can begin to make your home a little more self-sufficient:

1. Solar Panels

We see these more and more nowadays as they have become increasingly available to the average consumer. If your location is good for sunlight and you position them correctly, it is possible to create enough energy to power your household completely. The panels can be standalone units or positioned on a roof but it pays to get a professional involved as they are not easy to install and the placement and configuration is very important to gain maximum benefit.

2. Back-up Generators

If renewable sources just won’t work for your home then think about alternative power systems in case of emergency, crisis or power outage. To keep your household ticking over in the event of an incident, choose a reliable generator. When shopping for a generator, consider the steady-state wattage and the surge wattage. You’ll need nearly double the surge wattage if you want to power items such as refrigerators, for example.

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