8 Tips to Help You Manage Your Homestead When Dealing with Grief or Life Problems

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3. Try To Stay Busy

I know I told you not to take on too much. And you shouldn’t.

But I’ve found that keeping myself busy without becoming overwhelmed has been very helpful. Which means, if I have projects to do, I do them.

However, taking things at a leisurely pace is key.

And if you don’t have any projects then create one. There are always things that need to be tended to around a homestead. Check your fencing to see if any of it needs repair.

Or you could always build a new chicken coop, rabbit hutch, or a greenhouse (like we did.)  You could also learn a new craft like crochet, knitting, or cross stitch.

Basically, whatever you enjoy or you know needs to be done this is a good time to do it. Because I have found (for myself and my family) that remaining active and busy has really helped to keep our minds in a positive place.

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