3 Important Steps To Make Minimalism and Simple Living A Habit

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2. Start every day reading or watching some new information about simple living or minimalism.

Any thing we want to make a habit needs to be “fed” constant input to shift our mindset to a new way of thinking. First thing in the morning we are very susceptible to input that sinks down into our unconscious mind. By “teaching” our minds about this is new and important way of thinking, we set ourselves up for different actions we can take to fit it into our lifestyle in beneficial ways.

Keep strongly in mind that our old habit of just soaking up any and all news that we encounter first thing, and all day long, usually promotes the opposite of simple living.   Nearly every television program, Facebook post, or many websites have the strong mission to entertain you while convincing you that you need their product or what they are selling, to create a happy life. It’s their job. If we slip into watching, reading or paying attention to messages questioning our need for what they are selling, we are usually mindlessly accepting messages of consumerism or competition with others without any awareness we are doing so.   Ever wondered why you have accumulated so much stuff that doesn’t make you that happy? You’ve made consumerism a habit and opened yourself up to be sold anything and everything out there that others want you to buy.

Instead, by consciously start your day focused on information about what matters most to you and things that encourage your new habit. Reading stories about how others are learning to live a more rewarding and sustainable life will encourage you to do the same. Tips about ways to practice simple living will inspire you to make simple changes in your own life. Want minimalism to be a habit? Start every day with making it a priority.

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