Top 5 Most Neglected (But Essential) Power Tools for Off Grid Living

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3. Reciprocating Saw

Many people refer to this as a Sawzall and it is a beast when it comes to demolition tools. Not only are they compact, but they easily cut through steel and wood. The blade will measure anywhere from four to eight-inches and you’ll find it to be helpful when cutting pipes, pruning trees and doing any demo work.

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The downside to using a reciprocating saw is that the blades are disposable, so you’ll need to have a stock on hand. Remember, you don’t ever want to cut with a dull blade because that is dangerous.

The key to finding a good reciprocating saw is to look for a cordless version. This way, it is easy to use anywhere you need it as long as you’ve charged the battery. DeWalt makes a highly-rated saw that doesn’t break the bank. If you are going to purchase multiple power tools, it might be wiser to grab a kit instead. Check this one made by Milwaukee. These offer tools such as your cordless drill and reciprocating saw in one plus they share the same battery.

These aren’t a replacement for having a good old-fashioned hand saw. The biggest difference is that with a hand saw; you have to power it. This can become exhausting when working on larger projects.

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