Top 5 Most Neglected (But Essential) Power Tools for Off Grid Living

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2. Drill/Driver

A cordless drill or driver is a key tool to keep around for drilling holes and driving screws. They are also invaluable for connecting pieces of material together. You’ll use it not only to drill your starter holes but even for the uncommon like adding some ventilation to your outhouse.

When you purchase a cordless drill, don’t forget to stock yourself with various drill bits as well. Many times you can find these for a lower cost at yard sales if you don’t want to purchase them new.

With a brand like DeWalt, you receive a Lithium-Ion battery which will hold a charge longer than others. This means you can use the drill anywhere as long as you’ve charged the battery first. It’s also wise to keep a hand drill around and learn how to use it just in case you ever find yourself in a jam.

Keep in mind that an impact driver is a different tool altogether. This is ideal for driving or removing bolts and screws. They have more torque and a fast-moving hammer which pounds at the bit. An impact driver relieves some of the pressure you exerted but isn’t needed as often as a regular cordless drill.

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