Off-Grid Water Systems: 8 Viable Solutions to Bring Water to Your Homestead

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3. Go Wind Powered

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So you’ve decided to go with a well. That’s great news. We have one and absolutely love it.

When we lived in the city years ago, we were on city water. I had never been where I had the option of a well. But now, you’d be hard pressed to make me go back. I love knowing that my water source comes from a river up the road.

My family and I are trying to be prepared in dealing with emergencies. We need to have a solid water source that could keep us and our animals alive for quite a while if need be.

And what got me thinking about this was a few years ago, we had a huge storm come through our area.

We were without power for close to a week.

But thankfully I had started storing water and it was enough to carry us and our animals through for that time period.

Yet, what if the next catastrophe left us even longer without power? For us, no power means no water.

So I began looking for alternative options for power.

And the two biggest options that keep reappearing over and over are solar and wind power. If you live in a flat are then wind power might be a good option for you. You can learn more about wind power here.

Plus, this resource will help you learn more about the DIY side of wind power.

Or you can even purchase a wind power kit here and learn how to build your own wind-powered water pump here.

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