Off-Grid Water Systems: 8 Viable Solutions to Bring Water to Your Homestead

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2. Well, well, well

Photo by Ridgefield, CT

Well, well, well…have you considered a well?

Excuse my play on words, but have you? If not, why?

I know digging a well can be expensive. Like upwards of $10,000 expensive. But it is a solid water source completely off-grid. I’m not saying all wells will last forever because we all know that they won’t.

However, it is still a solid option.

So if you are looking at land that doesn’t have a water source already on the property, don’t give up. Instead, dig below the ground. There could be a great source of water running right under your feet.

And another perk to a well, if you consider yourself a homesteading prepper, is that even if city water is contaminated your water source most likely will not be.

Plus, even if the entire grid shuts down you still have a viable water source. But I will go into greater detail with that in a bit.

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