8 Lessons Learned From a Year of Living Simply

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8. Connection – Making the move we did took us away from many friends and family members. We’ve missed being able to attend gatherings and stop by just to say hi, but we’ve made it a priority to visit as frequently as we can. We’ve also been able to visit friends and family in other states during our travels and we’ve had some come visit us. What I’ve enjoyed about these visits is how much more present and intentional we are during them. Overall, I feel like we’ve deepened connections, which was a benefit I hadn’t anticipated. Lesson learned-With intention, you can experience deep connections with anyone, anywhere.

Your journey will look different than mine, but you have the opportunity to experience these Simple Living Principles on your journey, too. I hope that the lessons I’ve learned encourage you to take a leap and follow your dreams of living a simpler life.

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