8 Lessons Learned From a Year of Living Simply

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Tomorrow marks one year since we closed on the sale of our “more than enough” house and officially moved to Maine. In some ways it seems like just yesterday that we pulled away with our trailer of belongings in tow. In other ways, it seems like years since we took that one last selfie in the dining room of our old house.

As I reflect on this past year of living simply, I realize I’ve filled my life with a lot. Simplifying your life isn’t just about getting rid of physical possessions. It’s about experiencing life in a more purposeful, fulfilling way. I refer to these values and intangibles that I’ve filled my life with as Simple Living Principles. These principles have become prominent in my life as I’ve lived more simply.

I’m sharing the principles I’ve experienced this past year along with the lessons I’ve learned (or reinforced) with hopes that it inspires you to take action on simplifying your life.

1. Gratitude – I am grateful for being brave and for taking a chance to follow my dreams even though it seemed crazy at times. The timing was as right as it was going to get-waiting until conditions were perfect would have resulted in a missed opportunity and unrealized dreams. Lesson learned-Don’t wait. Follow your dreams now.

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