10 things i learned living a minimalist lifestyle

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3. i can be healthier.

I used to clean up my kitchen every day, but somehow, there was always a pile of dishes. There was always a dirty counter. No matter how much I tried, there was always more to do. Because of this, I found myself eating out. A lot. You can make healthy choices when dining out, but it’s always healthier to eat at home. Becoming minimalist in the kitchen meant there was less clutter and less to do. It made it easier to cook for myself.

4. my space looks better.

I never thought that my space looked all that bad to begin with, but after clearing out so much unnecessary stuff, I realized how bogged down and awful the atmosphere of my home felt. Now, with less stuff cluttering every surface, my home feels nicer and looks better.

5. chores take less time.

And by less time, I should say waaaaaay less time. I never had a lot of clothes, but somehow at the end of the week I ended up having to do 3 loads of laundry. When I considered what I actually needed and donated a lot of unnecessary clothing, I found out how nice it is just to do the one load of laundry per week. It’s the same with dishes. It’s actually nice to be fully out of clean dishes yet only have half a sink full to do.

6. i experience less fear.

When I started on my minimalist journey, I figured I’d just have a little less stress and a little less to do. But I quickly realized that stuff has a much greater impact on you than just a little stress. Even though my belongings have more value to me, I’m less afraid of losing it all in a disaster. There isn’t much left to lose! Which rolls into my next lesson:

7. i am freer.

The people I’ve known in my life who feel the freest are the people with the least to lose. And looking back on who I was as a younger person, that’s kind of how I lived. I was minimalist due to an inability to buy a bunch of stuff, and it was a remarkably liberating feeling. In some ways, the freedom that minimalism granted me actually made me feel younger.

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