10 things i learned living a minimalist lifestyle

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I’m by no means a lazy person, but at some point, my life started seeming less manageable. There was stuff everywhere. It’s not like I never cleaned, but my space was never clean. I took care to keep things organized, yet there was still always clutter somewhere. And that clutter, all of that stuff, it really started taking a toll on my inner peace. So I decided to give minimalism a try. This is what I learned.

1. i’m less stressed out.

For me, there’s nothing worse than sitting at a desk that’s covered in stuff and trying to work. I could spend 15 minutes or so cleaning off my desk, but the fact that my drawers were absolutely packed full of stuff kept me from feeling at peace with my space. When every surface of your home is covered in stuff, every shelf full, every drawer packed to the brim, it was hard to find peace. With clutter being cleared, shelves emptied, and drawers organized, it was easier to relax.

2. each of my belongings is important.

Before becoming minimalist, I viewed my stuff as “crap” for the most part. Because there was so much frivolous nonsense in my home, I never really cared that much about any of it, even the more important things. When I started considering what I actually needed, I really realized how much value some of the things in my life had. Camping gear that was previously just kind of stuffed into a closet took on a whole new meaning to me. It was important because it was gear necessary to experience the great outdoors. When you have less, your things begin to matter more.

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