10 Rules to Living an Endlessly Delicious Life

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2. Be thankful

When life feels challenging, it is way too easy to get stuck in feeling bad, helpless, or lost. When something goes wrong in life, it has a potential to dampen our mood and shift our focus to the negative. This magnifies what’s wrong and how bad life is. The easiest dose of medicine you can give yourself to get out of a funky mood is to give thanks! The moment you think about that which you are grateful for, that is the moment you shift your perspective from darkness to light. Through the practice of gratitude, your focus will shift to the good in your life. You can brighten the dark into lightness by focusing your mind on gratitude.

3. Apply the brakes

When something goes wrong there is often an immediate reaction. However, within a few seconds, you can choose to consciously apply the brakes. For example if a car cuts you off in traffic and you get really mad—the moment you become aware of that anger you can choose to apply the brakes and release the anger. Decide to let it go. That moment is over, that speed-racer is long gone, and you are only hurting yourself by keeping your mind and emotions in the anger. The next time you catch yourself re-hashing a fight in your mind, or remaining angry over an incident that’s long over, remind yourself that you can apply the brakes to the negative thoughts and move on. And the moment you catch yourself thinking about it again, just remind yourself “Oh yeah….brake time.”  With continued practice this will become your new habit—your empowered way of releasing the past.

4. Pause frequently

As you go about your day, it is all too common for life to pass us by. As we run from one thing to the next, we miss out on so much of the beauty staring us in the face. Throughout your day, begin to practice pausing. This means as you are sitting at work and finding yourself distracted, take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and become fully present by noticing how your body feels, what the room looks like, and what is happening in the moment. This simple practice is an easy way to ignite your energy and focus.

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