10 Rules to Living an Endlessly Delicious Life

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Life doesn’t always come to us the way we want. We get jammed in traffic, have a fight with our partner, get stuck in the longest line when we have just one item to purchase (have you been there?). And yet there are simple practices and daily habits that can help us shift from angst to peace at a moment’s notice.


1. Embrace acceptance

Have you ever resisted against the moment? When you resist against what is, it strengthens that moment. For example, if you are feeling angry at somebody, or something, and you start resisting that feeling, you actually keep that negative feeling around longer! The magical tool to help you dissolve those icky times is to practice accepting it. If you are angry at someone and you allow yourself to feel the anger, the anger will dissolve itself. What keeps the anger around is a resistance to the moment and thinking “I shouldn’t feel this way”. Through allowing the moment to be as it is, the moment will naturally complete itself. Instead of the moment overtaking you—overtake the moment simply by being present.

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