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During the past three years of simplifying life, decluttering belongings, reducing purchases and more, I’ve realized there seems to be a pattern of belief or thought among simple living folks that make them effective at living a simpler lifestyle.

It is easy to start out with good intentions of simplifying life, cutting clutter or reducing commitments, but without the underlying change in personal motivation and habits, it can be a difficult lifestyle to sustain in our culture that tells us the opposite, more is better.

As I have adopted these patterns of belief in the context of simplicity and turned them into habits I can act on, simple living has become even more beneficial and enjoyable, as well as sustainable. Read on and discover whether you have already created these habits, or would like to, and reap the benefits they bring.

1. Habit One

Accept imperfection. Simplicity does not have to be perfect to be effective, in fact there is no such thing as perfect in life. When I first started simplifying, I thought I had to be just like the greats, Joshua Becker, Leo Babauta or Courtney Carver with her 33 pieces of clothing.

Simple living looks different for everyone and will take you along your own path and to your own destination. Don’t compare yourself to other’s versions of what minimalism or simplicity looks like, accept yourself where you are, with your imperfections and just keep moving forward.

2. Habit Two

Live in the present moment. Enjoying today, this moment, the five minutes you spend washing the dishes, driving the kids to school or folding laundry is a habit worth incorporating into your life.

No one is promised the future, and as you learn to appreciate the present moment you are in, regardless of what you are doing or feeling, your gratitude and appreciation for life in general will increase. This doesn’t mean you don’t prepare for the future, but it does mean making sure you are fulfilled by your present.

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