16 Simple Living Tips For The Rest Of Your Life

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3. Stop stressing out

All the excess stuff and overcommitment leads to stress. Once you start eliminating some of those things, you’ll find more peace. In the meantime, take a half hour every day to just sit, relax and breathe.

4.Start Walking

A daily walk can do wonders. Many studies have found that walking regularly is one of the best forms of exercise for longevity. Start walking today.

5. Eat more vegetables

If you want to eat right, don’t start on a fad diet. Just eat more vegetables. Sure you need your fruit and protein, but vegetables are the core of good health. I love this post about eating a crapton of vegetables at Zen Habits. I dare you to read it!

6. Turn off your TV

Let’s face it, TV sucks up your energy. It keeps you from getting exercise. It keeps you from getting important household chores completed. Turn it off. Better yet, if you’re brave, get rid of your TV.

7. Buy less junk

You have enough. Really! You do. I’d venture to guess that 90% of the non-food items we buy are really not needed. Sort your needs out from your wants. If you don’t really need it, don’t buy it!

8.Play more music

Whether you play an instrument or just play the radio, music is a great part of simple living. It soothes. It energizes. It speaks to the soul. If you have an old instrument gathering dust in the closet, get it out and play.

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