10 Free Beehive Plans For Backyard Beekeeping

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A beehive is a sanctuary in which the honey bees live. Today many people are building their own beehives in their houses or farms so that they can collect honey from beehive box. Before you think about keeping bees in the hives, the first thing you need to do is make a research which involves the complete guide for caring of the bees and also getting involved with them so that they won’t sting you. You should know how and what they should be fed, what are the risks, and what needs to be done. For a beginner, it is highly recommended that they start off with two bees hive only which allows you to interchange the frames when a colony becomes weaker with another one.

There are many local Beekeepers associations which give courses and training to the amateurs for keeping bees. Once you have enough information, the first step is to make a beehive and then keep it in a place which doesn’t experiences much fast winds and is shady. The place should not be damp and the area should be somewhere the bees can be attracted so that they make their colonies, probably near some flower beds or trees, you can also purchase some bees. In order to allow the bees to have their colonies made, the most important is that you have to make your own beehive.

There are two kinds of beehives plans which are most popular, one is the langstroth and other is top bar beehive; the vertical top bar hive (known as warre hive) or horizontal hive (like a Kenyan Top Bar Hive). The langstroth beehive is very common and is used all across the world for keeping bees and is also very easy to be build. The biggest advantage of this beehive is that they make their honeycomb in the frames which allows easy movements. The warre or the top bar has storied and modular design which is made from boxes which are stacked in a vertical position. They provide broad nesting and allow the breed to move through the sections. You can easily build your own beehive at your home with some simple tools and equipment. There are many beehive plans on the internet published by different designers; this guide will help you with ten of the best plans for building your own beehive:

1-Top Bar Beehive Plan by p j chandler

This is the top bar beehive plan in PDF which can help the beginner to build the best hive. The most important material you will need for building the beehive boxes is the Western red Cedar. They remain good for all the year and don’t require much maintenance; moreover they are cheap as well.  Other materials needed are timber, stainless steel screws, washers, nuts, bolts and other tools like saw, hammer and others. If you are a beginner then go for the 36” long box which will house two hives that is highly recommended for the amateurs.

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