12 Ways To Save Money on Your Homesteading Dream

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Homesteading can be super expensive. I hear so often people say they can’t homestead because they just don’t have the dollars to do it. I’ve been there… heck, I’m there right now. We need to build a new coop, fence in our property, and build a goat shed. And we’re not swimmin’ in the dollars, y’all. Far from it.

But, there are ways you can save on your homesteading ventures. You don’t need a big bank roll or a huge loan from the local lender to get your homestead going. You just need some ingenuity and drive.



Did any of you see the massive amount of lumber we got for the aforementioned coop and shed for absolutely free? I posted it on our facebook page… but here it is.

That was all free. Minus the gas, time, and labor of course. There were almost 100 pieces of completely useable 2X6s and 2X4s there! All 8 foot or better. It was being thrown out by a construction company that no longer needed it.

There are tons of places to get free lumber. Heck, if you browse around on facebook or craigslist, you can probably even find a few people that want their sheds or barns removed. While it’s a massive undertaking, you could have an entire building for free if you know what you’re doing. Pallets are another great resource for free lumber.

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