10 DIY Potting Bench Ideas To Make Gardening Work Easier

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A potting bench is a must-have for anyone who enjoys gardening. It helps gardeners more effectively tend to their garden while at the same time provides for a wide variety of storage solutions for gardening tools and other types of related accessories.

There are so many potting benches on the market, but instead of spending a bunch of money on buying such a gardening table, you can make one on your own. Here’s a great collection of DIY potting bench ideas to inspire you.

1. Portable Potting Bench

Make gardening easier with a portable potting bench that can be easily moved around your garden. (DIY instructions: Today’s Homeowner)

2. Two-Pallet Potting Bench

All you need to build this great potting bench is 2 pallets, plus a little cutting and assembling. (DIY instructions: A Piece of Rainbow)

3. Potting Bench from an Old Dresser

Repurpose an old dresser into a station for organizing your pots, seeds and other garden supplies. (DIY instructions: Hobby Farms)

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